Sales data is the most crucial information about your prospects and your existing clients and how you manage this information will determine the success of your business which will include things like the way you store your data but also how your data is analysed.

Sales Strategy

A good database will allow you to 3D analysis your data to give you a multitude of information which, in turn can give your sales people up to date information that can be critical to the sale.  It will keep you on top of your competitors and increase you closing and hit rate.

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Data gathering can be done in several ways depending on your organization and the nature of its business but its very important to understand the end goal you want and the specifics of each element then what you want to do with the information to make sure your getting the most

Data can usually be grabbed in the most common ways by:

Mass crawled data

Mass standard data

Custom searches

By far the most inexpensive way of grabbing data and very pull of custom list of information based on a small/medium search specific.

Which are lists from an approved list of suppliers however the lists are usually quite general and we would give this option a medium rating and usually we can enrich the data by doing additional searches on the information to gain information.

Custom searches can be done to find specific individuals in job roles and can become more time consuming to grab larger amounts of information. We offer a service were we can can cold call to get information but also pitch to book the meeting or even attend it!


FourEyes understands the need for additional or totally outsourced sales hands and we can put together a completely custom set up sales force. Sales usually consists of several mechanics of which each can be tailored to achieve the end goal.

Statistics tracking, data being input to a CRM and meeting booking can all be provided with leads qualified.

Foot canvasing

Theres no doubt about it foot canvasing really is the dirty end of the job and you can go through a pair of shoes quicker than expected! We have the ability to get people through the doors you do not want to approach in a variety of manners and achieve your goal.

Cold calling / Lead generation

Sitting meetings

Cold calling is slightly drier than foot canvasing both suitable for different purposes. Cold calling could be the dimension you need to generate new prospects and can be done professionally externally

We can get the right people in the right place at the right times to give your company the edge it needs. Highly qualified freelances industry specific are a great choice of sales person without losing any kind of personal touch and can work with people for technical information and keep the customer engaged.


Its quite common an organization will approach us to manage a full campaign including data generation, cold calling, meeting booking and email marketing.

An initial meeting to discuss your needs is usually the best way of moving forward to discuss the specifics.