Marketing & Growth

Brand communications have never been so important. With the noise growing in social media and other marketing channels your brands PR strategy needs to be highly focused and highly efficient.

With the use of our ever growing database we’re able to pinpoint and interact with relevant Press and Media professionals to help convey your brands story.

From new product announcements to ongoing Press relations we’re able to cater to any brand need.

Social Media

Often the dark horse in marketing, social media has a serious problem with providing solid ROI metrics. We look to minimise the confusion and create a social strategy that mixes together brand building strategies with  profit driving ideas.

With the use of plenty of data management we look to build a social roadmap that provides you with real ROI numbers. No fluff or make believe here.

Web Design & Development

The website is the first port of call, so it really does pay to have a website that’s well built and also takes into consideration various conversion metrics, A/B testing and general optimisation of the website to drive the most leads and business.

For a more in-depth discussion contact us now with a brief summary and we will make sure the correct person comes back to you.

Digital Strategy

A wildly complex and often misunderstood aspect of digital marketing, SEO can be the ultimate driving force in expanding your business or it can be the bane of your business – how you approach SEO will soon determine that.

Data, data and more data is the only real solution when it comes to SEO. We look to tap into our various sources and deliver an SEO strategy that looks to see you in the higher rankings of all search engines.

Brand Design

Creating a structure and solid brand takes a serious combination of creativity and data. We look to develop a number of initial branding ideas from our research and data, we proceed to validate further with some market research and then we look to start getting creative with our approach to building your brand.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy can be a minefield of thoughts and theories, making the final call tends to become very difficult. At FourEyes we take a data first approach to our strategies. We learn what worked, what didn’t and we then add some creative flair to really deliver on the most efficient and effective strategy plans.


From arranging to hosting events, we look to pinpoint the most effective and relevant event for your brand. From trade shows to goody bag gifting at ceglebrity launches we look to seek out every possible opportunity for you to get involved with.