IT Consultancy

IT Consultancy to FourEyes is an ongoing partnership that can help facilitate and make the most of current systems with advice and support as well as being there for when your business needs to change or upgrade.

Information Technology

Once a partnership has been formed we can provide a full review and road map of your current solution and if nothing needs changing we will be happy to tell you however most organisations aren’t taking advantage of technology that offers a great return of investment.


CRM Systems (customer relationship manager) have become huge business with big multinationals such as SAGE, Microsoft and SalesForce.

Salesforce are making so much money, they moved into a 38 storey tower block and had it renamed salesforce tower!

Realisiticly, CRM systems have been overcomplicated and it should be bespoke and unique to every buisness to stop having huge fees to modify tiny bits of the software.

For every organisation we have worked with there CRM was either no existent or ineffective and the sales people didn’t like it. Data leaked everywhere and most sales people can easily take it with them when they decide to leave creating huge problems.

Creating a CRM is taking the knowledge of the day to day users combing it with our experience and your requirements that delivers a fit for purpose solution. This will end up being a great deal cheaper and can have any alterations made cheaper than dealing with a multinational. dealing with the programmer directly.


Email marketing can be expensive for a flash interface and depending on your actual requirements and user knowledge there are a lot of options out there including a very very inexpensive way of sending to an unlimited mailing list and migrating that from an already existing spreadsheet or data source.

Email marketing is a great way of generating new business and renewing old, tailor solutions can be put in place overnight that would be much more beneficial about how to market a campaign successfully which you wont get from more expensive providers.


26% is a big number when talking about the whole of the internet! 26% is the amount of the internet that is run by wordpress sites. They are cost effective highly customisable efficient ways of delivering fantastic content to the internet in a professional manner very simply. Even this site is word press!

We are finding it very hard to talk people about anything else unless its something really unique. There light on the pocket and rich in content a wordpress site ranks and integrates well with the rest of the internet and can be uploaded and hosted very quickly.

Bespoke solutions such as server, database and email hosting are all available too.

IT Purchasing/Procurement

IT purchasing for years has been a burden for business’s to step into the unknown or the worry of having to update a legacy system. FourEyes can advise from replacement equipment to the provider and installation and upgrade with on-going support always optional.

Done is 4 Steps with FourEyes


Working with all members of your business is key to understand your needs. It’s always great to talk to users as well as the visionary for the project.


We provide consultancy from very small computer systems right up to a multi site infrastructure with buying power we usually cover our own costs and you get the correct system.


Our goal: Is for you to focus on your core business and allow us to take the headache away from all IT and purchasing related issues.


We built our business with cost effective solutions that are best for the bottom line with full support for business activity. FourEyes have expertise coming from all areas of technology.


We need to internally ponder over the decisions we are going to put forward then show discuss the highlights with you. This gives us good time to give you feedback on any changes and improvements this is going to make.


Unfortunately a project isn’t done until its working and migrated, FourEyes can manage integration. We have partnered with some of the biggest and littlest names in the IT network and always deliver quality with ongoing support always available.

Contract Management

Potentially setting up new contracts can be a painful and costly process and we would advise anyone to keep all FourEyes peeled when looking at the small print with years of experience and a list of trusted suppliers.

Phone and VOIP 

Print and Document Management

Mobile Phones and Office phones are just phones, right? Sometimes complex contracts drive your organisations communication and they need to preform without the headache.

Printing and Scanning isn’t complicated anymore we can all print and scan something but organising the right devices across your business with the correct service and maintenance plan.


On going support can be done in house or using our technical network for a specialist requirement. If we cant do it we most certainly will have some hands available that can.